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Donate to Maine Law


A Message from Peter J. DeTroy

I have some great news to share with you! Last fiscal year, the Alumni Association responded to Dean Peter Pitegoff’s request for increased scholarship support to assist in attracting qualified students and supporting their financial need. Through our efforts and your generosity, the Alumni Association increased its contribution to Maine Law’s available scholarship pool from $60,000 to $120,000. We thank you! 

The result? Scholarship awards had a direct impact on the quality of students that Maine Law attracts. The class of 2016 is full of exceptional people: a Colby alum who worked with Latin American refugees and immigrants; a former U.S. Navy Commander; a mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. from Yale; a Maine native who worked with low-income Mainers – all who see the unique value of a Maine Law educational program.

This year, Maine Law continues its focus on student success, which begins with recruiting and financially supporting a talented and diverse mix of students. The Alumni Association is committed to provide the financial support towards this goal through continued increase in scholarship funds. We are counting on you and your generosity to get there. Make a gift to the Annual Fund 2014 today. Want to do more? Make a three year or Evergreen pledge. Today’s contribution and your future pledges will ensure that Maine Law continues its successful recruitment efforts for years to come.

As Maine Law alums, we have much in common. We were enriched by the quality education we received and the bonds we made with professors and each other while at Maine Law. We also possess a strong commitment to give back to the school that has given so much to us. I urge you to join the Alumni Association’s effort by making a generous gift to Maine Law. Today.
With warm regards,

Peter J. DeTroy, ‘72
President, Maine Law Alumni Association
Primary Contact:
Deborah Lorenzen
Administrative Specialist
University of Maine School of Law
246 Deering Avenue
Portland, ME 04102
Phone: 207-228-8411